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Web Development

We offer Web Services ranging from Web Design, Web Development, Web Hosting, Website Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery. We develop and 

deploy software to support our clients’ business with a view to meeting business needs at reduced cost. We develop custom software and also deploy third party software. Some of our software includes:

School Portal System: This is a complete solution that helps a college or university to manage the entire school system electronically features of this application includes: Admission, Registration, Student Record Management, Staff Management, e-payment, Academic Result Processing, e-Library, email system, sms, document management system, e.t.c.

EDMS: Our Electronic Document Management software (EDMS) suite enables companies to adopt an electronic and automated approach to document management across the enterprise. It is a web based electronic document management system with a central repository for storing and organizing documents. It enables organizations to manage documents and records throughout the document life-cycle, from creation to destruction. Integrated collaboration and workflow tools can be used to access, create, modify, review, and approve documents globally in a controlled manner. It has a powerful analytics and reporting capability to track each document from origin to obsolescence to give users complete visibility into the system. You can choose to between our Standard EDMS suite and Extended EDMS suite. The standard EDMS suite comes with document archival, document management and workflow while the extended suite has additional functionalities like document tracking, document control and information lifecycle management.

Computer Base Testing (CBT): We also have a solution that is capable of converting examination and tests to computer base from paper base. This reduces malpractice, and helps a school or an examination body to cut cost related to paper base examination administration.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): We help you maintain accountability and compliance while giving you the speed needed to respond to the dynamic market conditions, we also help you automate your financial management processes with our efficient and effective ERP application. Doing business smarter can only mean giving our ERP a chance.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): with our innovative customer relationship management application, you are on the way to outsmart and outpace your competition. Your customers are in for a well-deserved treat. The success of your business lies with your relationship with all clients; our application helps your achieve great success in customer relationship.

Electronic Human Resource Management (eHRM): One most critical resource of a business is the human resource. The human resource management is not business as usual, to thrive in the 21st century, your organization needs to abandon the traditional way of human resource management, we at ProIT Limited can help you make that switch, effectively at a reduced cost.

eRecruitment System: ProIT Limited has a dynamic solution that ease your recruitment process by ensuring only qualified candidates scale through. If you are looking for an electronic recruitment system then ProIT Limited is the answer.